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Proper domain!

Thought about purchasing a domain since a while ago, didn't really have an idea of what its name's gonna be until GoDaddy had the * suffixes on sale. 0.99 AUD for the first year, nice bargain, respect to the lifetime fav anime as well. would now begin to update some logs on how some of my personal Unity projects had progressed, techniques discovered, programming exercises and progresses would come along with them as well. Feeling pumped!

Python Studying Log

2017/09/04  52% completed on CodeAcademy's python tutorials, understood the use of python dictionaries and manipulations of lists. Seeking to use python to retrieve some useful information in a short period of time. The next assignment based on the actualization of Sweepline algorithm would be attempted with Python as well, if everything goes well. 2017/09/05 Finished the first half of the assignment via Python, reading standard input is just so damn compact and easy compared to Java and C. (Before hand I though C was nice enough compared to Java) Progressed a little bit more on the CodeAcademy tutorials, learned some new ways of importing classes into Python, as well as some useful functions that manipulates Strings. Feeling a bit spoiled after using this language... 2017/09/07 Continuing on the CodeAcademy tutorials, should be able to finish them up within two days.  Discovered more functions during these two days, including map() and the usage of tuples when