Unity3d development log : Road To Champions (12/12/2017)

UI updated!

Finally did something for the facilities view, shout out to the UK Props asset from the asset store, top stuff for that price.


11/12/2017 Update 2
Fixed up some lighting of the locker room and gave a new view to the city scene and the home has changed, gonna change it later tho just an idea of different camera views.

Back since a very long time ago.... really got hurt by the exam results, too a while to put the heart together...
Updated version of tournament standing table, also decided to change the academy aspect to a sub portion instead of main portion of the game, changing the game name to Road to Champions as well.


Had a start on the tournament table section, a bit raw but heading to a start.


Struggled to implement character creation yesterday, decided to go for iClone later on in the development and focus on the building of gameplay and UI prior to the characters. Implemented a player roster menu in the locker room scene. The cities are yet to be fully drawn so would not upload just now.
PS: The EasyRoad 3D (should be that name) is not compatible with later versions of Unity, delete the package or else the games wont build.


Further completed the new game menu and made the locker bigger for 23 players to use.


Second update -
Made some simple replacements for the main menu and new game menu, also added a locker room for the overview of players.


Edited some textures and materials, further edited the office scene's layout.


Applied some trivial textures to the overview menu.


Imported some assets from the asset store, a better looking overview menu.


Made the player name generator working, also removed unnecessary inheritance on the mono behavior class.

No explicit screenshots, will put some on after having them working in the way I want them to.

Had a game in mind since quite a while ago about a game based on the Chinese football academy background, finally got some time to get hands on to it since the holidays are finally here.

Finished some basic structuring of UI and linkages between scenes

Screen shots for the 001 update -


  1. Looks really perfect and fancy!!!!!! Hope you keep updating what is going on in the future! I will be the biggest and most enthusiastic fan of yours all the time!

  2. Hiiiiiii
    It seems that you haven't been updated for a long while, must under a heavy amount of study, assignment, reports right?
    I will always be there and waiting for any new update for you !

    1. HEYYYYYY💗 Thanks for the patience, this is continuing and I won't disappoint!


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